Why Would A Londoner Go On A Tour?

You might wonder if you will learn anything new from following a tour guide around the streets of London as tours might be something you only do on holiday.  Or perhaps you think tours are for tourists who know nothing about the city.  But here are five reasons why going on a tour is definitely something every Londoner should consider:

1) You are stuck in a rut: If you've lived in London a while it's easy to fall into a routine of visiting the same places time and time again.  You might live in a wonderful neighbourhood or simply find it easier to stick to what you know.  You might have been visiting the same gym, cafe, bar or park for months or even years.  London is so big that it often makes more sense to play it safe but it's good to break the routine and see what else the city has to offer.

2) You are falling out of love with London: When you first moved here it seemed that London was the most exciting city in the world and your eyes shone happily as you discovered a new hotspot, cute neighbourhood, or quirky shop. but gradually the work, the weather, the tube have worn you down and you are starting to think London ain't so great.  Well, a tour of a new neighbourhood can rekindle the flame of love and show you why London is an utterly brilliant city. 

3) You are bored of your friends:  Your friends might be busy today or far away or doing the same thing all the time but here's the good news: you don't have to.  While it can be nice doing things on your own occasionally, it's good to join other likeminded or more adventurous people who want to challenge themselves and explore London.  And a tour offers a safe and easy way of hanging out with new people and learning new things.

4) You are new to London and want to see it all: Maybe you've taken a picture of Big Ben and hung out with the pigeons in Trafalgar Square but now you are hankering after seeing more of the 'real London' and you'd like to meet some 'real Londoners'.  Our tours introduce you to some of the most intriguing neighbourhoods of London and give you a chance to explore, ask questions and find out what London is all about.

5) You want to fill your weekend: After a busy working week, sometimes the weekend arrives too fast and you haven't had time to make plans.  For some this can be a great time to relax at home, but for others an empty weekend can feel rather lonely.  The only answer is to get out and do something and a tour is brilliant way of engaging lightly with other people and learning new and interesting stuff. Our tours are small groups and friendly too.

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