Why London Is Less Scary Than You Think

Local news stories in London are full of shootings, stabbings and terrorist plots and if you believe everything you read, parts of London are no-go areas.  But our brilliant tour guides live in and visit places frequently namechecked - like Peckham, Harlesden and Brixton - and they are actually wonderful neighbourhoods you will be welcomed in.  Here are the facts:

1) For homicide rates in big European cities, London ranks below Amsterdam, Glasgow, Belfast, Brussels & Berlin. 

2) Westminster, where all the big touristy sites are, is actually the number one crime hotspot in London. 

3) Many of the crimes reported in these areas are tied to local domestic problems and won't affect you as a visitor.

4) Businesses in less visited parts of London are often friendlier as they want (and need) your custom and want you to come back with friends.

5) You can bag a bargain in neighbourhood shops and market stalls in Harlesden, Peckham and Brixton. Buy up fresh veg, meat and fabrics when you visit.

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