Falling In Love With London Again: Five Ideas For Jaded Londoners

Oh it's wonderful how London keeps changing, isn't it? But sometimes it can feel exhausting to keep up.  Reading Time Out or the Londonist can be enough of a reason for a little lie down and a cup of tea.  

As we love exploring London at SharedCity we've put together some ideas especially for people or are feeling old or jaded by the city that never stops.  We like simple ways of seeing London in a fresh new way and love to find people and places that help us feel the tingly sensation of butterflies over again and again.

1) Living London - Finding like-minded people to meander the streets of London with can reactivate your love of the city.  Saira set up LIving London with precisely a mission to do this and she runs occasional free walks to explore hidden gems she has discovered.

2) Street Art Tours - It's become a hipster mecca and in someways a pastiche of itself but the street art (formerly known as grafitti) around Shoreditch is second to none and worth checking out on artist led tours.  There are many tours like this now, but these are the original and best.

3) Treasure Trails - Download a trail map and set off to discover more about a bit of London that captures your curiosity. If you complete your mission and submit your answers you can win a prize. The list of trails keeps growing, check here for more info.

4) Communal Singing - Lift your spirits by joining a choir. London City Voices doesn't need you to demonstrate your singing prowess, you can just turn up and sing your heart out. The choir meets several times a week in different locations across town. 

5) Get High - No, not that kind of high, silly. High as in In places where you can hop in an elevator in order to gaze down lovingly on the maze-like streets and ant-sized people. For cheaper ways to do this than tickets to The Shard, try booking a free ride up to the Sky Garden or splashing out on a coffee at the Duck & Waffle near Liverpool Street for the incredible views.