Tours That Are Not For Tourists. Here's Why We Set Up SharedCity

Here's something curious.  We didn't set up SharedCity for tourists.  We set it up for nosey people like us who want to know more about their neighbours and have a zillion questions to ask about different religions and cultures and cooking styles.

But! Lo and behold many of the esteemed guests on our tours are - guess what? - bonafide London tourists.

It's interesting to find out what attracted them to our tours and it's usually a combination of the desire to get 'off the beaten track' and an interest in exploring 'real London'.  

People visiting London from overseas often have distant connections to the community we visit and want know more about their family history, lost traditions or even lapsed religion.

So you are certainly welcome on a SharedCity tour whether you are a tourist or not!

Let us know if you have any specific link to the area when you book - it's always good to know and we may be able to help with your research.