We've Been A City of Migrants For A Long Long Time

History books show that our nation has nearly always been made up of people from different countries, some war-mongering, some friendly, some looking for opportunities, some truly desperate.

We Londoners are a mixed up society and a;though this isn't always easy it has made us one of the most tolerant and easy-going cities in the twenty-first century.

Look at the century timeline below and next time you see a scaremongering headline about immigrants, think about the shared ever-evolving history of our city #LoveLondon

250AD Romans arrive in Britain and build a lot of straight roads (that still work today)

700AD Danes & Norwegians invade and settle (mainly in more northern parts) 

1066AD William the Conqueror wins the Battle of Hastings & the Normans arrive

1100AD Jews are invited to settle in England to help King with his grand plans for growth

1100AD Flemish merchants from the Netherlands join in the economic prosperity

1500AD Political change means Gypsies & Huguenots flee to London to avoid persecution

1600AD Africans and West Indians begin to be brought to England as slaves

1790AD Refugees from the French revolution arrive

1700AD First records of Indian & Chinese sailors in London

1800AD Jewish refugees from Poland, Ukraine and Russia arrive

1800AD Irish people fleeing famine in Ireland arrive

1800AD The growth of the empire & trade routes brings more people from China and India

1900AD Belgians fleeing the battles of the First World War arrive

1930AD, Refugees fleeing Nazi oppression in Germany arrive

1940s Homeless refugees from across wartorn Europe arrive, mainly from Poland

1950ADJamaicans are invited by the government to help rebuild post-war Britain

1950AD More settlers from many Commonwealth nations arrive to help rebuild the economy

1970AD Asians are forced to leave Uganda and come to the UK seeking refuge

1980AD Refugees from Romania and former Yugoslavia arrive fleeing war

1990AD After the break up of Yugoslavia, refugees arrive seeking sanctuary

1999 War in Sri Lanka leads to more refugees and asylum seekers arriving

2000s Changes within the EU result in economic migrants from every European country

And on...and on...and on.

We are a city of immigrants!