A little bit about why we set up SharedCity

Deborah Chatterjee and Caroline Bourne were dreaming of going travelling but with no money, tiny children and very little free time it was...just a dream.  They decided to explore different parts London instead. First a mosque, then a temple, then a synagogue... They realised it was quite possible to travel the world without leaving London.

They set up SharedCity and set about exploring more communities and inviting more people to explore the communities on the doorstep with them.  They found guides from different communities and are still hunting for more. Last year, they were joined by Nidhi Ferwerda-Bansal. 

In our other lives:

Deborah is a writer, new vegan and dog lover
Caroline is an urbanist, writer and dog lover.
Nidhi is an engineer and a foodie.

Between us we have Jewish, Catholic & Hindu heritage.  And come from a typical London mix of countries including Russia, Spain, Poland, Italy, India...and more.  

We love London.