Nigerian London

In the expert hands of our wonderfully exuberant Nigerian guide Kemi, you'll take in the atmosphere of Little Lagos in Peckham which is home to London's Nigerian Yoruba community.

You will be met at the station and taken on a whirlwind walking tour including insider visits to hair salons, fabric stores, dressmakers and a guide to buying typical Nigerian beauty products and unusual ingredients. 

Your guide for the day is Kemi who grew up both in Nigeria and London, eventually settling in London.  

History of Nigerians in London

The Nigerian population of London has been one of the fastest growing over the last twenty years and has doubled (or even tripled!) in size depending on what reports you read.

Nigeria was a British Colony between 1900 and 1960 and trading ties between the two countries go back centuries, originating in the slave trade.

Civil unrest in the late 1960s led to significant migration from Nigerian to the UK and now Peckham's Nigerian population is largely Yoruba speaking. Nigerian's make up around 15% of the local population (with around another 10% from other African countries).

The Yoruban community are traditionally more extrovert that other Nigerian communities such as the more reserved Hausa.  In Peckham there are also minority IdomaTiv and Edo Nigerian communities with their own distinct traditions.

Why has there been a recent spurt in the population?  Perceived economic opportunities in London have historically been attractive compared to instability back home. Nigerians highly value their children's education and the UK's state education system is a draw.

A small elite of very rich Nigerians have been investing in London property over the years, competing with the Russian oligarchs!

Want a quick taste of Nigerian Peckham? Watch this video by BattaBox.



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I loved the Nigerian food. It was wonderful to try new flavours and I came home with a box of food to share with my flatmates. So cheap too. - M.D.
What a great guide. Finding SharedCity has been a revelation.  I have been on all the tours and waiting for the next one. Kemi is a great guide and we had a lot of fun. - P.B.
I learned so much.  Even though I have lived in the area for many years I had never been into any of the places Kemi took us.  I loved it. It really opened my eyes!”

— S.T.