Nordic London

Join us on a Sunday morning trip to get a feel for Norwegian and Finnish London.

You will visit the Norwegian church in Rotherhithe - the hub of London's Nordic community and learn all about Nordic London.

Meet Norwegian locals, find out about Nordic customs & culture and enjoy an optional and authentic Norwegian buffet lunch plus as much coffee, cake & waffles as you can eat.

The tour starts by joining the community for an informal church service (if you are not a church-goer, don't worry it's a short service, with nice singing and there's no obligation to participate), followed by lunch and then a Q&A. 

You will also be visiting the neighbouring Finnish church and if you like, you can book into the secret sauna in the church.

There are opportunities to buy traditional Nordic food & gifts at the church stores. We can guarantee you'll be an expert on Nordic London by the time you go home.


History of the Nordic Community in London

The existence of the Norwegian Church and community in Rotherhithe is a surprise to many but it makes more sense with the explanation that it is part of a network of 'Seamans' or 'Sjomanns' churches built as homely refuges for Norwegian sailors working in the London docks in the nineteenth century. There are fewer sailors in the community now but there are many reminders of the maritime past in the detail of the church.

Authentic experience.  I experienced more of Scandinavia on my one day trip in London than my international trips to the actual countries!” Jacqui
Real insights into Norwegian life from the Pastor.  And the eat-as-much-as-you-like buffet was dangerously good.  Loved the waffles. — C.D