SharedCity was set up by three of us: 

Deborah Chatterjee, Nidhi Ferwerda & Caroline Bourne 

We are excited to show you how to travel the world without leaving London - and here's why... 

Having all grown up in London we have a healthy typical London mix of Indian, Italian, Hindu, Catholic, Jewish, Polish, Russian and Spanish heritage.  

Discovering new places, tasting new food and meeting new people is a shared passion & between us we have travelled around the world several times.

Settling down in London to raise our families made adventurous travel harder.  But our continued love of adventure, travel & our personal intrigue about each others' cultures led us to start SharedCity.

 Through SharedCity we discovered that in our exceptional multicultural city it is possible to recreate the feeling of 'travelling the world without leaving London' - if you know where to go & who to go with.

With backgrounds in town planning, community engagement, engineering, tv, technology, theatre and teaching we have used our skills to research the best of London's communities & to organise and deliver unforgettable visits to share with people like us who like exploring off the beaten track.

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